How Efficient HR Departments Store and Retrieve Data

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As rocket engineer Wernher von Braun said “we can beat gravity, but sometimes the paperwork is overwhelming.” If rocket scientists can get overwhelmed by paperwork, so can your human resource staff. A big part of the human resource team’s job is to collect and track all kinds of paperwork relating to the company’s procedures and business. Here’s how efficient HR departments are transitioning to digital data storage models.

Companies are Losing Time (And Documents)

Human resources teams process quite a lot of paperwork and are often required to keep that paperwork on file for a long time. Storing these documents in hard copies in a file room is very inefficient. A major auditing firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers, has reported that an average company spends $20 in labor to properly file a document. When it’s misfiled, it costs $120 to find it, and if it’s gone for good, $220 to reproduce it. The company has also found in their audits that it is not surprising for a company to lose 1 out of 20 paper files. Businesses are losing time, money, and documents due to an antiquated system of information management.

The Right Software Can Help

The right technology makes it possible for companies to store files in a secured, encrypted manor. They can be easily found with a quick search or by navigating to the proper digital folder. For HR employees, this is a huge benefit. For instance, forms for new employees can be printed as needed or better yet, filled out online. Time sheets and benefit accruals can be tracked through time management apps, instead of hard copies. Usage of the correct software is one of the most important keys to saving time and money.

Smarter HR Software

How do you know if you are using the right HR software? Your program needs to be easy to use and comprehensive. Remember, you’re trying to save time. Smarter HR’s software makes it easier for Human Resource professionals to do their jobs by transferring much of the paperwork to online applications. For instance, instead of adding up hours scratched out on a hand written timesheet to process payroll, benefits, etc., the timeclock information can be digitally entered by the employee, reviewed by both employee and employer, and if need be, edited by the HR team. Personnel file storage, prepopulated forms, online file cabinets, and a worker’s comp administration center all is managed in and easy to use, easy to find digital format.

In addition to helping you transition from the old dusty file room to a sleek modern software for file storage, SmarterHR can also help with talent acquisition, time and labor management, payroll, talent, and HR management. If you are disorganized, losing track of things, or simply don’t have enough to time to accomplish everything your HR team is given, you need to talk to our team in Westborough, MA. We would love to analyze your current HR systems, uncover the ways your team is losing time and money, and present you with a comprehensive software package specifically designed to improve your HR team’s performance.





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