Dealing with Dissatisfaction Among HR Managers

image of dissatisfied HR managerThere’s a common myth that the human resource department’s job is to spread happiness and cheer. While this isn’t really true, it is easier to keep your team upbeat when your job doesn’t bring frustrations of its own. Technology provides some incredible tools for HR teams, but those tools are only useful in the right context, with the right training and proper use. Without those elements, they can be tremendously frustrating. HR technology needs to have the right functions, used properly and in the right context.

Dissatisfaction Among HR Managers

Increasingly there are HR managers who are not happy with their software. This stems mostly from a few problems with current systems. First, many systems are too complicated and second, they aren’t tailored to what the human resource team actually needs. One of the main problems HR managers are encountering is the frustration of using multiple systems to do different HR related tasks. Here are three key ways to help your HR team maximize the available tools:

Implementation: Simplify

Correct implementation is an absolute key. Some companies approach the different aspects of HR management (payroll, time tracking, benefits, healthcare, etc.) with a “best of breed” mentality. This approach consists of searching for a premium solution to each individual HR function. While this has its benefits, those benefits are outweighed by new, completely comprehensive platforms which operate as a suite of functions. While using one integrated platform is decried by some, once it’s implemented, it’s implemented. You don’t need to worry about researching how your next program will interact with the programs you have in place already. You have everything you need in one package. This essentially solves the ongoing frustration of implementing new programs and forcing them to work together.

Education: Knowledge is Power

Once a new software system is set up, the new users must be trained. Having the right software in place is just the first step. How much good would an excavator be if you didn’t know how to operate it? Find a software company who is willing to educate you and your team on how to use their platform. Learning how to use the tool is as equally important as having the tool in the first place.

Ongoing Support

Finally, without ongoing support, the frustration will always remain. While there is something a little bit rewarding about figuring out a problem on your own, there is nothing better than knowing when you’re in a pinch, you have an expert who you can call to walk you through the process in detail. Many HR managers feel like they are on their own, trying to work around problems they don’t know the solutions to. Ensure that your software provider is prepared to help you navigate any potential pitfalls. This can make or break your experience.
If you are looking to overcome any of these frustrations and take your HR team’s productivity to the next level, contact SmarterHR. Our platform combines all human resource capacities into a single HR software solution. Whether dealing with ACA compliance, benefits, or time tracking, a comprehensive solution will increase productivity and save you money.




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