Workplace Culture: Balancing Creativity and Efficiency

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Recent media coverage has promoted a new and relaxed style of workplace culture. Gone are the cubicles, the stodgily suits, and the endless rooms of files. These are new and exciting places to work, but are they realistic? On the other hand, you’ve seen assembly lines where it seems each worker’s hand motions are prescribed. Boring? Maybe, but industries such as these are able to churn out product with incredible efficiency. There tends to be two schools of thoughts on the correct approach to the workplace. One is geared toward creativity, the other towards efficiency. Perhaps a new approach is the correct one. A workplace which can strike a fair balance of both has the potential to unlock new levels of success.

Two Different Approaches

The two separate approaches to workplace culture have become a hot topic in recent years. The first approach is focused on achieving maximal efficiency by eliminating any wasted time. Everything is channeled toward production. The second approach focuses on creativity. While images of foosball tables, nap pods, and bean bag chairs come to mind, it’s more of a focus on new ideas, fresh approaches, and a prioritization of side projects. But, perhaps each approach has its proper role.

Efficiency Allows Creativity

In reality, efficiency isn’t the enemy of creativity. These two approaches are not mutually exclusive. Efficiency actually facilitates increased creativity. For instance, implementing new, efficient systems, can reduce the time it takes to accomplish standard tasks, which creates time. Often HR teams and other sections of business are unable to catch up on work in one area because it would require neglecting work and quickly falling behind in another area. This vicious cycle leads to stagnation and frustration. By becoming more efficient in one area, it allows time to catch up in others.

Creating Efficiency

One of the easiest ways to create efficiency is by analyzing the tasks your team does repeatedly, and try to find ways to improve them. Are there disorderly procedures which can be systemized? Are their old procedures still being followed which aren’t necessary? Is any of your software out of date? All of these are roadblocks to an efficient workplace. The farther someone falls behind, the less time they will have to brainstorm or create new and innovative ways of doing things.

What Does Your Company Need?

Only you know what is best for your company. Perhaps your employees are filled with great ideas but it’s not showing up on the bottom line. It might be time to refocus on productivity and efficiency. Or you may be, on the other hand, at a plateau. If your company is seeming plateaued or stagnated, it might need a jolt of creativity to usher in new methods.

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