The 3 Key Players in Business Process Development

If your business is growing, so too should your personnel. You need committed professionals on your team who can carry your vision forward with their expertise. When you’re lacking the time and resources not only to execute your own tasks, but also to locate and hire talent to support your venture, you likely don’t have the time to research what needs to change to support your business growth strategy.

The three professionals you need on your team for business process development

1. Leadership members

Acknowledging that you need a leadership team as part of your business model is simple, but how do you define a successful leadership team? According to Gallup, “To run an organization effectively, leaders must be able to strategize, set visions and priorities, build relationships, influence others, and make things happen. But if you ask [your employees] what they need from leaders, the clear answer is trust, compassion, stability, and hope.” With an effective leadership team, your organization can shape the functions that make up a successful business. This may include, but is certainly not limited to cultivating a lasting corporate culture and carefully planning company processes and policies that contribute to your business growth strategy.

2. Marketers

Every business needs someone with savvy marketing skills on its team. Why? Simply put, marketers have a certain skill that enables them to decode the information on your personas and craft it into a language that is both innovative and captivating to your audience. According to the staff at Innovation Excellence, “Marketers’ unique role of talking directly to consumers, listening to the market and telling a company’s story makes them a critical component in the business innovation process. The audience insights that marketers are able to uncover enables them to not only participate in innovation discussions at their companies, but also to take a leadership role in trailblazing new directions for a company’s future” That said, it’s clear that marketers are an obvious asset to any growing business.

2. HR professionals

Despite its worth human resources is still commonly underutilized, especially in a startup. We believe the first step to a successful HR department is to determine how it will support growth by aligning its functions with the business’s greater growth strategy. This way HR can plan for any potential challenges or changes within the business and ultimately fulfill the role for which it was intended. This includes strengthening the company culture, hiring for professionals that can deliver on customer satisfaction and supporting the strategic direction of the business.